100 Portuguese business leaders decry political uncertainty

In this Oct. 30 2015 photo, , chairs for the government ministers are arranged before the government swearing in ceremony at Lisbon's Ajuda Palace. Die-hard communists are poised to walk the corridors of power in Portugal, and a new generation of leftist radicals is right beside them. The Portuguese Communist Party and the radical Left Bloc say they are hitching up with the bigger, moderate Socialist Party for what will likely be a successful _ and controversial _ gambit next week to unseat the country's center-right government just days after it was sworn in. The three parties then intend to take command of the country's fortunes for the next four years in a bold power play that just a few weeks ago was unthinkable. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)LISBON, Portugal (AP) — One hundred Portuguese business leaders have signed an open letter expressing concern about the country’s ongoing political uncertainty and warning it could hurt the economy if it goes on much longer.

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