2016 Presidential Race It Score Forecasts

Each election cycle PoliticIt measures a candidates It Score. The It Score measures a politician’s digital influence. Digital influence has predicted over 250 election outcomes from  2012-2015 with 93% accuracy indicating that digital influence seems to correlate strongly with election outcomes. hillaryitscoreThe It Score is calculated by collecting massive data on what people do and say in the real world, the internet, and in social networks and processes the “big data” through powerful software. When our trumpitscoresoftware makes a mistake it learns which means the It Score becomes more accurate over time.  More specifically the  It Score uses a machine learning algorithm based on neural networks and genetic algorithms that examine large amounts of digital data gathered with web spyders that scour the web from Twitter to Facebook, from Google to wikipedia and multiple news sources to look at what people are saying on the web.  These scores were generated on Monday November 7 at 8:30 pm. The election appears to be too close to call at this time.

(Caricatures courtesy DonkeyHotey)

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