A 'vaudeville' defence of France's Hollande – by another ex

French president Francois Hollande (R), then Socialist party leader and his former companion Segolene Royal, pictured in Le Mans, on November 20, 2005Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as Francois Hollande has learned since a memoir published by his spurned girlfriend left France both aghast and greedy for details about the president’s private life. Hollande left Royal, a former Socialist presidential candidate herself, for Valerie Trierweiler, but that hasn’t kept her from standing with him against the author of “Thank You for the Moment”, published last week. Both Trierweiler and Hollande have come off badly in public opinion after the explosive release of the memoir, which details how she overdosed on sleeping pills after news of Hollande’s affair with a much younger actress emerged in January. Trierweiler also paints the left-leaning leader as power-hungry, cold and secretly contemptuous of the poor, calling them “toothless”.

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