A year after 1MDB: Malaysian premier takes hardline turn

A half-dozen countries have launched 1MDB-related probes, but few believe big fish will be caught, citing the carefully constructed complexity of 1MDB fund flowsOne year after a financial scandal that would have toppled many leaders, Najib is standing taller than ever after smothering investigations, outmanoeuvering opponents, and bolstering his control with a pair of recent election wins. Last July 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that Najib received a mysterious $681 million payment, which capped months of allegations that billions were diverted from 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad), an investment fund Najib founded. Other revelations followed, including reports that Najib’s film-producer stepson used 1MDB-related funds to bankroll the Hollywood greedfest “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and for millions in luxury purchases.

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