Alaskan quicksand and the economy

It was a terrible feeling of helplessness . . . the more I struggled, the deeper I sunk.
Soon it would totally cover me . . .

MooseHuntI had brought the boat ashore about a mile above our present location, right after we first saw the record size bull moose. After tracking it in and out of the shoreline we were finally getting very, very close. The only problem was as I lead the hunters near the shoreline I was too focused on the moose and not my surroundings and I was now waist deep in ‘Alaskan quicksand’ unable to get out. After one of the hunters threw me a few large tree branches,to keep me from sinking deeper, I told my assistant to hug the tree line with the hunters and get that moose.

Alaskan quicksand, aka glacial silt, builds up for decades and is just as deadly as any other quicksand. In some areas it will support your weight for hours only to have it instantly turn to a muddy soup swallowing anything on the surface, just like our present economy. Has anyone noticed that there has been absolutely no news about any continuing efforts to balance our budget or stop the buildup of the nations debt?

Of course this being an election year, both parties have unconsciously agreed to a truce about laying blame for who is doing more damage to the economy. They want each of us to forget about that cliff we are heading to and focus on what great men they are. In January both parties agreed to raise the nations debt limit and with the stroke of that pen they figured we would all forget that every day we are spending money that we do not have.

I find it inconceivable that so few of us are concerned about what will happen in the future when our financial markers are called in to be paid. Each of us knows full well what happens if we do not pay the rent, mortgage or utility bills, the property gets repossessed, we are evicted or the utilities shut off. What do you think will happen when some of the less friendly nations turn in our treasury bonds for payment and we have no cash to pay for them?

It will be like the mud on that shoreline, only this time it will swallow up a once great nation.

…oh yeah, about that hunt, I was eventually pulled free of the mud, and the hunter got his moose as you can see in the picture.

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