American patriotism, not political correctness

PeteatDeskI was using some strong language about my seat companion on the flight in from Texas because he coughed all the way from Seattle and now as I woke at 6 am this morning with a running nose I too was coughing like I was smoking a bad cigar. This distraction however did not block out the talk show host on the radio as he berated the Ft. Collins High School administrators for trying to block the students from celebrating an “America Day” on Monday. Fortunately last night I had already gone to two different news sources The Denver Post and for some political ideological balance The Blaze to find out what was behind the rhetoric.

It appears that each year the school celebrates ‘spirit week’ and this year the students wanted to add (“Merica Day”) to it spirit week events. What the pit bulls at the news outlets failed to emphasis at first was that the school officials only wanted to change the name of the day from “Merica” Day to oh I don’t know maybe America Day. This was because they felt that the term “Merica” is used by some nationalities in a derogatory way when referring to America. The student council proposed “My Country Monday” but settled on “America Monday”

So you ask what’s the big deal, I say, besides the news media choosing to word the headline to draw your attention, this one incident is anathema to what our children are being indoctrinated into in every school in our country. The chest pounding pride to be an American is fast vanishing being replaced by the overpowering need to be one with all the people of the world. The political correctness of never excluding any nationality, religion or lifestyle has been indoctrinated into our children to the extent they think its should come before patriotism for their own country.

I am not a national isolationist or a racist bigot. I was just taught by my parents and in my school that in life what mattered was God, Family and Country and everything else came after that. I do not feel bad that I believe this and would fight to defend my right to practice and protect it.

Yes my grandparents came from another country.

Yes that makes me Lithuanian but not Lithuanian American…

…and when my national anthem is playing

I am a proud, hand on my chest, tears in my eyes American.

God Bless America


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  1. Bill Was

    Any excellent synopsis of a troubling trend in this country!! ‘We the people’ have lost the ability to think critically thanks to school systems that at all levels parrot political correctness over honest education. True journalism is all but dead in this country; its been replaced by zealots at the far extremes of rationality that have agendas and will do anything to push them. They spin facts, distort unbiased observations and offer agenda driven supposition as truth; their actions are very transparent yet few people seem to recognize this and even fewer appear to care. We have become a nation of sheep willing led around by our collective noses…