Anti-debt group finds itself in red

Anti-debt group finds itself in red


A year and a half after launching with much fanfare, a group affiliated with fiscal watchdogs Erskine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson is nearly broke.

The Can Kicks Back — which targets millennials and was conceived as a partner and affiliate of the group Fix the Debt — is running low on cash, according to emails and documents reviewed by POLITICO.

The group left a history of documents, including financial statements and internal deliberations over policy decisions, online in a Google Group that was open to public view but was recently closed. Those documents provide a peek into the day-to-day planning and operation of a modern public affairs campaign, one that publicly presented itself as driven by grass-roots energy but largely relied on big donors and wealthy Wall Street types for funding.

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David Brooks Wants Bowles-Simpson for Everything

By Jonathan Chait

In 2010, a bipartisan commission led by plainspoken Republican Alan Simpson and tough-minded Democrat Erskine Bowles produced a budget plan that would have solved all of America’s problems. In his column today, David Brooks urges President Obama to build on that success by creating “a group of Simpson-Bowles-type commissions — with legislators, mayors, governors and others brought together to offer concrete proposals on mobility issues from the beginning to the end of the life span.”

Wait, what’s that, you say? Bowles-Simpson was not a major success? Oh, you’re very wrong.

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