Anti-euro party set for gains in German state polls

An election poster for the anti-euro Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is seen in Cottbus, eastern Germany, September 12, 2014Germany’s new anti-euro party is poised to win seats in two eastern state elections Sunday, heightening an emerging threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives. The Alternative for Germany (AfD), only formed early last year, looks set to enter state parliaments in Thuringia and Brandenburg, two weeks after it scored almost 10 percent in eastern Saxony. The party, which wants Germany to leave the euro and return to the Deutschmark, denies seeking right-wing voters but flirts with populist ideas on issues such as law and order, immigration and “family values”. Merkel, worried about the AfD’s growing ballot box appeal, this week said that “we must address the problems that concern the people”, including “crime and rising numbers of asylum seekers”.

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