Arab Israelis mourn as Jews celebrate statehood

Israeli F-16 fighter jets perform during an air show over the beach in the coastal city of Tel Aviv as Israel marks Independence Day, on April 23, 2015Al-Haditha (Israel) (AFP) – Thousands of Arab Israelis marched in protest Thursday as their Jewish compatriots partied, each group in its own way marking the 67th anniversary of the Jewish state’s founding. The anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, 1948 is celebrated according to the Jewish calendar, this year falling on April 23. Palestinians and many Arab Israelis usually mark the day on May 15 by commemorating what they call the Nakba — or “catastrophe” — of Israel’s creation. It centred on the ruins of Al-Haditha, near Tiberias, one of nearly 400 Palestinian villages destroyed in the war that erupted after Israel’s founding.

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