Arizona’s SB 1062 and the NFL’s SB XLIX

What does Arizona SB 1062 and the NFL’s SB have in common? The 2015 Superbowl XLIX is currently slated to take place at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. However, there are currently ramblings across the sports world — and political world — on a potential last-minute switch of venues for the NFL’s upcoming Super Bowl. Some say there is a chance the Super Bowl might change locations if this bill passes. The NFL has not commented on the bill.

According to SB 1062’s description, the bill would amend an existing law to give any individual or legal entity a religious exemption from state law that prevents discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, and disability. Arizona has no law preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation. Supports of the bill are calling it a “religious freedom” bill.

Here’s a bit more about the bill from a local Arizona news source,

Jan Brewer must veto or approve SB 1062 by February 28

Governor Jan Brewer has until Friday, February 28 to vote on SB 1062.

The bill has passed in Arizona’s House and Senate and will be passed pending approval from Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer.

One Phoenix-based political consulting firm polled 802 Republicans and found that 57.1 percent of respondents would like to see Gov. Jan Brewer veto the bill, 15.3 percent had no opinion, and 27.6 percent wanted her to sign it. If democrats were polled, it is likely that the results would show that even more would like to see Gov. Jan Brewer veto the bill.

Some Arizona lawmakers who voted in favor of the bill have since changed their views and are now against the bill according to this source.

Public figures against the bill include Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Marriott Hotels.

Arizona is not the only state to propose such a bill. Georgia, Hawaii, IdahoMissouri, OhioOklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah have proposed similar bills.

Governor Jan Brewer has until Friday, February 28 to sign or veto the bill. What do you think will happen? Will Jan veto it?

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