Armenia vows 'grave consequences' after helicopter downed

Nagorny Karabakh -- which is mostly inhabited by ethnic Armenians -- broke away from Azerbaijan with the help of Armenia in a war that claimed some 30,000 lives between 1991 and 1994Armenia threatened ‘grave consequences’ Wednesday after Azerbaijani forces shot down a military helicopter, sparking fears of a major escalation in the conflict over the disputed region of Nagorny Karabakh. The downing of the helicopter belonging to the army of the breakaway ethnic Armenian region is the most serious incident on the Karabakh border since the 1994 ceasefire that ended a bloody war that cost 30,000 lives. Armenian media reported that the helicopter’s three crew members were all killed. “A MI-24 combat helicopter attempted to attack positions of the Azerbaijani army near (Karabakh’s) Agdam district,” Azerbaijan’s defence ministry said in a statement.

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