Army, 'US drone' hit Sunni-held positions in Yemen: tribes

A Yemeni man looks at a drone model in a show organized by the Shiite Huthi movement on April 19 , 2014 in the capital SanaaYemeni troops and a US drone struck positions held by Al-Qaeda suspects and Sunni tribes on Sunday killing over a dozen insurgents who have been battling Shiite rebels, tribal sources said. The rebels, known as Huthis, have been facing fierce resistance from Al-Qaeda fighters and tribesmen as they seek to expand their areas of control after seizing the capital Sanaa and the Red Sea port city of Hudeida. Clashes broke out on Friday evening when Huthi fighters trying to wrest control of the mountains around the central town of Rada, in Baida province, met resistance from Sunni militias, tribal sources said. On Sunday, the rebels took over several of these areas after a suspected US drone and army jets raided the positions held by Al-Qaeda and the Sunni tribesmen, tribal sources said.

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