Assault on IS-held Manbij in Syria within days: Pentagon

Syrian families, who fled the assault launched by Arab and Kurdish forces against Islamic State (IS) group fighters in the town of Manbij, arrive at an encampment on the outskirts of the town, 20km away from the center, on June 4, 2016A US-backed Kurdish and Arab alliance is set to attack an Islamic State-held city in northern Syria within days, a military spokesman said Wednesday, helping clear the way for an eventual assault on the jihadists’ stronghold of Raqa. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are on the northern edge of Manbij, a strategically important town held by IS forces that serves as a waypoint between Raqa and the Turkish border. “At the pace they’re moving now and at the speed that they’ve been able to fight the enemy, we think they’re a matter of days before they conduct the attack on (Manbij),” Baghdad-based military spokesman Colonel Chris Garver told Pentagon reporters in a video call.

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