Austria next president: Far-right 'gladiator' or green professor?

In Austria's presidential elections the Green-backed Alexander Van der Bellen (L) faces off against the far-right's Norbert HoferOne is a gun-loving populist and Islam critic, the other an elderly pro-EU professor with Green backing — the rivals in Austria’s presidential re-run on Sunday mirror the deep fault lines splitting both the country and Europe. Described as the FPOe’s “friendly face”, the self-proclaimed political “gladiator” pushes themes like anti-immigration with a winning smile instead of the incendiary rhetoric of party chief Heinz-Christian Strache. Hofer’s polished campaign — run under the slogan “Tough in action, engaging in tone” — earned him 35 percent in the first round in April, the FPOe’s best-ever result at federal level since 1945.

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