Bangladesh showdown as opposition leader locked in office

Police block a street leading to the home of opposition leader Khaleda Zia as they ban all protests in Dhaka and locked Zia in her office on January 4, 2015Bangladesh faced a showdown Monday on the first anniversary of controversial elections, as the opposition leader called for mass anti-government protests despite being confined to her office. Twelve months on from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s re-election in what was effectively a one-horse race, her arch rival Khaleda Zia has called for supporters to mobilise for “Democracy Killing Day”. Zia, leader of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has urged activists to take to the streets in their thousands as part of a campaign to force Hasina to hold fresh multi-party polls. Amid sporadic violence in several towns and cities, authorities banned all protests from Sunday evening while Zia has been locked in her office since Saturday night, according to senior lieutenants.

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