Belgian police clash with far-right mob at Brussels shrine

Police use water cannon to disperse far-right football hooligans in the Place de la Bourse in Brussels on March 27, 2016, at an an area which has become an unofficial shrine to victims of the March 22 terror attacksBelgian riot police fired water cannon on Sunday to disperse far-right football hooligans who disrupted mourners at a shrine for victims of the Brussels attacks, as police arrested several suspects in a series of new raids. In scenes that compounded a week of grief for Belgians, black-clad protesters shouting anti-immigrant slogans moved in on the makeshift memorial at Place de la Bourse where hundreds of people had gathered in a show of solidarity. Under-fire Belgian authorities meanwhile detained four terror suspects after carrying out 13 raids as they seek to round up a web of jihadists with links to the carnage in the Belgian capital and to attacks and plots across the border in France.

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