Bengahzi: Political firestorm or Republican circus?

Pelosi Folds in Benghazi Poker (via http://the-american-journal.com)

When Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was called in to play sheriff in the investigation into Benghazi, the Democrats had a bit of a schism…or a bit of a schizophrenic break.  Jay Carney couldn’t figure out if the White House was going to participate–probably…

GOP Benghazi political hoax exploits tragic events (via http://ogahome.com)

GOP Benghazi political hoax exploits tragic events >by Robert L. Gallimore DLU! | May 5, 2014 | The GOP is scrambling to re-energize their base by exploiting the tragic events of Benghazi because that’s the only card that they can play, in this November…

The House Select Committee On Benghazi: A Clown Show To End All Clown Shows (via Liberaland)

It kind of makes sense in a twisted, cynical sort of way that Speaker John Boehner’s newly ordained House Select Committee on Benghazi is stacked with seven Republicans and only five Democrats. The newly resurgent outrage over Benghazi is obviously…

White House Press Corps’ #Benghazi Fever Breaking? (via Liberaland)

Since the news broke, last Wednesday, that conservative Judicial Watch had obtained a White House email that #Benghazi cultists insisted was a “smoking gun” in an alleged White House conspiracy to describe the events in Benghazi as accurately as…

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John D. Johnson

John D. Johnson

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John D. Johnson


Dr. Johnson is co-founder of @FNC_inc, @Politicit, @redbirdmetrics and professor at USU. I tweet about social media, #bigdata, and politics.
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John D. Johnson
John D. Johnson
John D. Johnson

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