Berlin Wall crosses stolen to protest EU border deaths

German artistic group Center for Political Beauty released a photo on November 3, 2014, of the so-called White Crosses memorial for the Berlin Wall victims hanging on a fence on the Bulgarian border with TurkeyPro-refugee activists in Germany have stolen seven memorial crosses for people killed at the Berlin Wall and moved them to spots on the EU’s borders, they and police said Monday. The seven signs were unscrewed from their frames set in a metal fence on the south bank of Berlin’s Spree River near the site of the Reichstag building housing the lower house of parliament. “We have moved the crosses to safety,” said the group’s Philipp Ruch, adding that some had been taken to EU borders in Bulgaria and others to the Spanish exclave of Melilla in North Africa. On their website the group said the action would coincide with weekend celebrations marking the collapse of the Iron Curtain in Berlin a quarter-century ago.

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