Boko Haram seizes Chibok, hometown of kidnapped schoolgirls

A screengrab taken on November 9, 2014 from a Boko Haram video shows jihadist fighters parading on a tank in an unidentified town in northern NigeriaBoko Haram has seized the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok, from where 276 girls were kidnapped more than six months ago and which the government vowed to secure after the mass abduction. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has repeatedly promised to rescue the schoolgirls, including on Tuesday when he launched his bid for a second term in office ahead of February 14 polls. Given Chibok’s symbolic significance, its fall raised fresh doubts about the Nigerian government’s whole approach to the abduction — and its ability to handle the Boko Haram threat. “For Chibok to have fallen, after everything that has happened, it just underscores the mess we are in,” Emman Usman Shehu, a regular on the Bring Back Our Girls protest marches in Abuja, told AFP.

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