Branson says space dream lives on, vows safety paramount

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson speaks at a press conference at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mohave, California on November 1, 2014British tycoon Richard Branson insisted Saturday his dream of commercial space travel remained alive but warned his company would not “press on blindly” without knowing what caused the spacecraft crash that killed one pilot and seriously injured another. Speaking to reporters after arriving in the California facility which had been the hub of Virgin Galactic’s space program, Branson said safety remained his paramount concern. “We owe it to our test pilots to find out exactly what went wrong, and once we’ve found out what went wrong, if we can overcome it, we’ll make absolutely certain that the dream lives on,” Branson told reporters. “Safety has always been our number one priority,” he added before heading off to rally grieving Virgin Galactic staff.

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