Brazil poll favorite rows back on gay marriage

Marina Silva (C), presidential candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party, walks in the Rocinha favela during her political campaign in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 30, 2014Brazilian surprise package Marina Silva, whom polls suggest could oust incumbent Dilma Rousseff in October presidential elections, rowed back on liberal social policy Saturday after dropping a program reference to gay marriage. Silva, an ecologist and evangelical Christian who once served for the ruling Workers Party as environment minister, holds conservative opinions on abortion as well as gay marriage but says she backs civil unions for same-sex couples. The new version reads that Silva will “defend rights relating to civil unions between same-sex couples.” The wording was amended as Silva, the daughter of rubber tappers who only learned to write in her teens and wants to become in her words Brazil’s first “poor, black” president, visited Rio’s Rocinha slum accompanied by former soccer star and would-be Rio senator Romario.

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