Brazil president warns on violence as new demos loom

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff delivers a speech during a ceremony to sanction a new zero-tolerance femicide law, at Planalto Palace in Brasilia, on March 9, 2015Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff warned she would not tolerate violence as the continent-sized Latin American country, convulsed by a graft scandal involving dozens of politicians, prepared for a new spate of protests. Brazil saw unprecedented demonstrations in mid-2013 through to last year’s World Cup as citizens protested transport fare increases and the cost of staging major sports events, with some $12 billion spent on the soccer extravaganza. Fresh protests are set within the coming days, with the the Supreme Court having given the go-ahead for investigations into 47 politicians, chiefly allies of Rousseff’s ruling coalition, over a huge corruption scandal at state oil firm Petrobras. “The fact that Brazil is developing and guarantees the right to demonstrate is something we all value,” she said.

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