Brazil's Congress launches Rousseff impeachment marathon

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff speaks at Planalto Palace on December 7, 2015 as allies maneuvered behind the scenes and warned of a political storm building in Latin America's biggest countryBrasília (AFP) – Brazil’s Congress began convening an impeachment committee Monday, putting intense focus on whether President Dilma Rousseff’s main coalition partner will remain loyal or take the opportunity to bring her down. The 65-member committee, with representatives from 29 parties, will hear Rousseff’s defense, then recommend whether the matter should be thrown out or pursued in the Chamber of Deputies. The action in Congress kicks off what could be a months-long battle over the leftist president’s fate just as the world’s seventh-largest economy finds itself bogged down in recession and fallout from a giant corruption scandal centered on the state oil company Petrobras.

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