Brazil's impeachment plot thickens

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff pictured during a meeting with state governors who are against her impeachment, at Planalto Palace in Brasilia, on December 8, 2015Brasília (AFP) – Brazil’s impeachment plot thickened Wednesday with speculation rife over whether President Dilma Rousseff will be abandoned by a key ally and the Supreme Court stepping in to put the whole process on hold. For Rousseff, the court’s decision late Tuesday to freeze the impeachment machine for a week offered badly needed respite as she fights to avoid being ejected one year into her second term at the head of Latin America’s biggest country. Temer is from the centrist PMDB party, the main coalition partner for Rousseff’s leftist Workers’ Party, and if he walks out on her, she will find it harder to get the one third majority needed in Congress to defeat impeachment.

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