'Bridgegate' witness casts more doubt on NJ Governor Christie's denials

New Jersey Governor Christie reacts to a question during a news conference in TrentonBy Joseph Ax NEWARK, N.J. (Reuters) – In December 2013, as the “Bridgegate” scandal was unraveling, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s chief spokesman learned the truth: that lanes had been closed at the George Washington Bridge to punish a local mayor for political reasons. Wildstein has said several key figures in Christie’s inner circle knew about the plot as it was occurring or soon afterward – including Christie himself, who was told of the closures by Wildstein as they unfolded in September 2013, according to Wildstein’s testimony on Tuesday. Christie, who is not accused of wrongdoing, has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the plot at the time, but Wildstein’s testimony has bolstered the government’s assertion the governor knew about the scandal earlier than he has acknowledged.

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