Bullet scars as Uganda remembers Israel's Entebbe raid

(From L) Eyal Oren, Shlomo Carmel, Jaffer Amin, Amjon Peled, Alex Davidi, unidentified, and Amir Ofer, members of the former Israeli Commandos and Entebbe hostages, pose for a photo in Kampala, on June 14, 2016Skimming above the choppy waves through the dark the four planes swooped in low over Lake Victoria, packed with over 200 elite Israeli commandos on a daring raid to free hijacked hostages. Landing soon after midnight at Uganda’s Entebbe airport on July 4, 1976, it took the paratroopers less than an hour to storm the base and free over 100 passengers aboard an Air France plane, an operation that has gone down in special forces legend. Four decades later, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit Uganda for the anniversary not only to mark the operation and boost now-friendly ties between Uganda and Israel, but also to pay a deeply personal tribute.

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