Burkina Faso power transition deal to be signed on Saturday

Henry Ye (L), president of the commission representing the main power players, hands the transition charter to Burkina Faso's army-appointed leader Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida during a meeting in Ouagadougou on November 14, 2014Burkina Faso’s army, political parties and civil groups will sign an agreement on Saturday for the west African nation’s return to civilian rule after the ouster of its long-serving president. “We feel we have really accomplished something and we are naturally very happy,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida, whom the army put in power after Blaise Compaore was forced out of office on October 31 by mass protests. The transition charter, akin to an interim constitution, lays out a one-year transition to civilian rule that includes appointing a temporary president and calls for elections by November 2015.

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