Burkina reinstates constitution, transition deal to be signed Sunday

Henry Ye, president of the commission representing the main power players, hands the transition charter to Burkina Faso's army-appointed leader, Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida during a meeting in Ouagadougou on November 14, 2014Burkina Faso took a significant step toward the return of civilian rule on Saturday as the military announced the reinstatement of the country’s constitution which had been suspended with the president’s ouster. Lieutenant Colonel Issac Zida, the army-installed leader after the October 31 resignation of president Blaise Compaore, issued a statement saying the suspension of the constitution “has been lifted… to allow for the civilian transition process now under way”, and to prepare the return to normal constitutional rule. The move will also allow Burkina’s constitutional court to examine the transition charter which is to be officially signed on Sunday. The transition agreement lays out the steps to a one-year transfer of power from the military, which took over after mass protests late last month that forced Compaore to quit after 27 years in power.

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