C. African PM calls for World Cup truce

The Central African Republic's Prime Minister Andre Nzapayeke attends a military ceremony at the National School for the Judiciary in Bangui on February 5, 2014Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) – Central Africa’s prime minister called on Wednesday for a pause in the country’s devastating sectarian violence so that the beleaguered population can enjoy the World Cup that starts on Thursday. Prime Minister Andre Nzapayeke said the football tournament — and the month of Ramadan that starts at the end of June — were an opportunity to step back from the brutal attacks that have killed thousands over the past year. “Many people have agreed to an end or a suspension of the social unrest, to allow the population and particularly young people, to fully enjoy this event that happens only once every four years,” said Nzapayeke at a press conference in the capital Bangui. “Take this opportunity that the world has offered to admire our stars,” he added, citing African heroes Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba.

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