Calais's uphill struggle with migrants trying to get to UK

Migrants demonstrate on September 5, 2014 in Calais to protest about their living conditionsThe migrants huddle on sand dunes in the French port of Calais, monitoring police further down who are poised to stop them if they attempt to board trucks heading to Britain, their coveted Eldorado. The northern port, where millions of passengers pass through every year, is struggling to stem a steady tide of asylum-seekers desperately trying to cross the Channel, despite a slew of recent measures including tighter security and policing. Some 1,400 to 1,500 migrants who have mainly come from eastern Africa via Italy roam the city and its surroundings, sleeping on sand dunes or in squats, fed by volunteers, waiting for an opportunity to get to Britain which they see as having a favourable asylum policy. Others are from Sudan, like 27-year-old Nasir who took part in a recent demonstration in Calais against the police crackdown.

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