California Election Forecast

There is one question on the minds of every person interested in Californiapolitics…  Who is going to win the general election?  The PoliticIt team has set out to answer this question.  Below you’ll find the PoliticIt election forecast for California. The forecast was generated by calculating It Scores for each of the California politicians. 

What is the It Score?  The It Score measures a politician’s digital influence.  So far the It Score has been used to predict election outcomes in more than 162 races with 87% accuracy (CNBC,Yahoo! FinanceWall Street Journal’s Market Watch).  The candidate with the highest It Score will likely win on Tuesday.  How is the It Score calculated?  The It Score is calculated by collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from what people are doing and saying in the internet, social networks, and in the real world.  The data collected for the calculation of these It Scores is from October 10, 2012.  To learn more about the It Score click here

Josh Light CEO/Co-Founder


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