Canada Liberals support veil in election pledge

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks to reporters during a press conference following the first federal leaders debate of the 2015 Canadian election campaign in Toronto, August 6, 2015A Canadian Liberal government would allow new citizens to wear a veil at citizenship ceremonies, its leader said Friday, bucking popular opinion just a month away from elections. The position on the niqab, which covers all the face except the eyes, differs strikingly from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ruling Tories, who have fought a court battle to prevent just that and this week vowed to enshrine a niqab ban into law. Justin Trudeau — whose centrist Liberal Party is neck and neck with the Conservatives and leftist New Democrats in opinion polls — said that if elected on October 19 his party would halt an appeal of a Federal Court of Appeal ruling this week that effectively quashed the ban.

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