Caravaggio found in attic is 'original' say some experts

French art expert Eric Turquin stands beside a painting that may be by Caravaggio, which was found in the attic of a house near Toulouse, southwestern FranceA painting discovered in the attic of a house in France is an “authentic” work by Italian Renaissance master Caravaggio that could be worth up to 120 million euros, two experts said Tuesday. Expert Eric Turquin said it could be worth as much as 120 million euros ($137 million), describing the painting as having “the light, the energy typical of Caravaggio, without mistakes, done with a sure hand and a pictorial style that makes it authentic”. While other specialists have questioned its provenance, Turquin got the backing of a top Caravaggio specialist, Nicola Spinosa, former director of a prestigious Naples museum.

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