Chile ex-military officer found liable in US for singer's death

(L-R) Manuela Jara, Joan Jara, Amanda Jara and Kathy Roberts of the Center for Justice and Accountability, a lawyer who represented the Jara family, stand on the steps outside the federal courthouse in downtown Orlando, Florida on June 27, 2016A US federal jury on Monday found a former Chilean military officer liable for the 1973 murder of one of that country’s most beloved folk singers, Victor Jara, and awarded $28 million in damages to his family. Jara, a leftist activist, was detained following the overthrow of the South American nation’s leftist president Salvador Allende in a CIA-backed coup in September 1973 that launched the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet. The singer — who has inspired musicians as wide-ranging as U2 and Bob Dylan — was rounded up with thousands of other dissidents into the Estadio Nacional in Chile’s capital Santiago, where he was beaten, tortured and shot dead.

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