Choose Your Words Wisely

Presidential Material
Many of you have likely heard the critique often used when evaluating presidential candidates calling one presidential, or saying she or his is not presidential. What does that mean? Certainly it encompasses how the candidate conducts oneself, the oratory skills a candidate has, and the words a candidate chooses. We thought we’d have a little bit of fun and look at one of the many variables that may or may not make a candidate presidential — the words he chooses to use.

We’ll look at word clouds of each GOP candidate from the words they used during the CNN Debate held in Florida on Wednesday, January 26. We’ll compare these word clouds to a word cloud of Barack Obama formulated from his 2012 State of the Union Address.

Barack Obama | State of the Union Address

Newt Gingrich | CNN Florida Debate

Mitt Romney | CNN Florida Debate

Ron Paul | CNN Florida Debate

Rick Santorum | CNN Florida Debate

The Debate
For those of you who missed the debate, you can view the full debate, here:

So which candidate looks the most like Barack Obama? Is that a good thing? Should a Republican candidate’s words appear similar to a Democrat U.S. President? What do you think?

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