Christie meets with voters for first time since bridge scandal

New Jersey Governor Christie answers a question during the 110th Town Hall Meeting in Middletown TownshipNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday held his first town hall meeting since becoming embroiled in a furor over bridge traffic lane closures, and voters asked him about almost anything but the scandal. The Republican governor took questions on rebuilding efforts after Superstorm Sandy, reforming the state’s family court system, and even beautifying its highway turning lanes known as jug handles. Christie has experienced a drop in political support since it was revealed last month that some of his aides and allies apparently had a hand in orchestrating traffic jams at the busy George Washington Bridge in political retaliation aimed at a local Democratic mayor who had not endorsed the governor’s re-election bid. In the latest bit of bad news for Christie, a Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday showed him down 13 points from November in a hypothetical matchup in Ohio with Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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