Clinton means continuity for US economy, Trump the unknown

Survey by the CNBC network of economists and Wall Street participants showed 46% feel Donald Trump would be better for the economy compared to 39% favoring Hillary ClintonOn taxes, public spending and protectionism the two candidates for the White House are diametrically opposed: Hillary Clinton represents continuity while Donald Trump seduces or frightens with his radical proposals. With polls showing the candidates are neck-and-neck just days before Tuesday’s election, the race could be summed up as “Wall Street is pro-Clinton, Main Street is pro-Trump,” said Steve Odland, of the Committee for Economic Development, a non-partisan, business-led economic policy group. A survey conducted by the CNBC network last week with 50 economists and Wall Street participants showed 82 percent think Clinton will win, but 46 percent feel Trump would be better for the economy, compared to 39 percent favoring Clinton.

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