College wins U.S. top court temporary exemption on Obamacare birth control

The sun rises over the Supreme Court in WashingtonBy Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court gave a Christian college in Illinois a temporary exemption from birth control coverage required by President Barack Obama’s health reform law, days after ruling that for-profit employers can opt out for religious reasons. The court said on Thursday in a split 6-3 decision by the justices that Wheaton College, which has objected on religious grounds, did not have to comply with the government compromise process for nonprofit groups with religious affiliations while litigation continues, an unsigned order showed. On Monday, the court said on a 5-4 vote that closely held for-profit corporations could obtain an exemption based on the religious beliefs of their owners. By granting Wheaton College’s request, the court indicated that its decision does not dictate the outcome of litigation involving dozens of nonprofit groups.

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