Colombia's FARC rebels declare unilateral ceasefire

People shout slogans during a march against the current peace talks with FARC rebels in Cali, Colombia, on December 13, 2014Colombia’s FARC guerrillas declared an indefinite, unilateral ceasefire on Wednesday in the 50-year conflict, saying they would only use weapons if they came under attack by the army. The announcement — the third year running the leftist rebels have declared a ceasefire over the holiday season — comes soon after peace talks with the Colombian government resumed, following a crisis triggered by the capture of an army general on November 16. Wednesday’s move was noteworthy for the lack of an expiration date, but President Juan Manuel Santos has consistently refused to reciprocate. “We have resolved to declare a unilateral ceasefire and end hostilities for an indefinite period of time, which should be transformed into an armistice,” said the rebels’ peace negotiators in Cuba, where they are in talks with Colombian officials.

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