Colorado lawmaker leaves behind loaded handgun in state Capitol

A pedestrian walks up the middle of North Capitol Street towards the U.S. Capitol building in WashingtonBy Keith Coffman DENVER (Reuters) – A Colorado lawmaker said on Thursday he found a loaded handgun that one of his colleagues had mistakenly left in a room at the Capitol building where a committee had discussed a bipartisan measure to ease restrictions on carrying concealed weapons. State Representative Jonathan Singer, a Democrat, said he found the gun left behind by Republican Representative Jared Wright, a former police officer from the western town of Fruita, who apparently forgot to retrieve the weapon when he left the room on February 6 after a hearing on easing concealed-carry rules. Groups on both sides of the gun control debate have poured resources into Colorado’s political battle over gun rights and public safety. Earlier, the lawmaker told the Denver Post that as a sworn police officer he is allowed to carry a concealed weapon inside the Capitol, although he will no longer do so.

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