Conservative Republican group offers more austere U.S. budget plan

By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) – House Republican conservatives and defense hawks dissatisfied with their party’s budget plan will get to vote on a more austere alternative that eliminates deficits faster and shifts more spending to the military from domestic programs. The Republican Study Committee on Monday unveiled its plan to cut spending by $7.1 trillion over 10 years, reaching a surplus in six years by cutting more deeply into federal healthcare and retirement programs as well as domestic agency budgets. The House of Representatives will consider the plan later this week as an amendment to replace House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price’s budget, which proposes to cut domestic spending by $5.5 trillion and reach balance in 2024, three years later than the RSC plan. House Democrats on Monday unveiled their own budget, which closely tracks the plan from President Barack Obama, but without $430 billion in cuts he proposed for the Medicare health program for seniors.

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