Covering Clinton, then and now: 'Girls in the Van' excerpt

FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2000 file photo, U.S. Senate candidate then first lady Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea react at the end of a rally at the Albany, N.Y., City Hall. (AP Photo/ Jim McKnight, File)I looked up from my breakfast. We were sitting in a diner in August of 2000, on the second day of U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Clinton’s three-day tour of Long Island, and I was feeling slightly bummed out. I had planned to finish three stories while she was out here, the first a straightforward piece about her campaigning on Republican opponent Rick Lazio’s home turf, the second a feature story about the political instincts of her daughter, Chelsea, who was campaigning with her, and the third, a fun, light feature story about the candidates’ “favorites” — favorite junk food, favorite color, favorite book.

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