Spain's crisis-hit Socialists in leadership showdown

Leader of Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) Pedro Sanchez leaves speaks during a press statement at the PSOE Headquarters in Madrid on September 30, 2016Spain’s crisis-hit Socialists gathered for a key meeting Saturday to attempt to help end the country’s prolonged political deadlock and decide the fate of embattled party leader Pedro Sanchez. The outcome could see the party lift its veto on a new government led by acting conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, a move that could be key to unblocking Spain’s nine-month political paralysis. With feelings running high, the meeting started late and the committee then agreed to go into recess to determine the parameters of the debate and if there would be a vote after it, El Pais reported on its website, which was providing a blow-by-blow account as some 150 party members demanded a chance to speak.

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