Cuban migrants may fly out of Costa Rica next week: minister

Cuban Yaniusca Sosa cooks at a Methodist church sheltering 35 Cuban refugees in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, on December 29, 2015San José (AFP) – A first group of US-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica may fly out of the country to continue their journey next week, Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez said Monday. Under the “pilot” plan worked out with other Central American nations and Mexico, the first group of around 180 Cubans was meant to have been flown out this week to El Salvador, where they were to be put on buses for an overland journey through Guatemala and Mexico to the US border. The flight depended on finding an aircraft big enough to take the group — a challenge during the current tourism high season in Central America — and coordination with the other governments involved, he said.

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