Danish MEP quits ruling party over asylum policies

A migrant is praying at the road side of a freeway north of Rodby as a large group of migrants, mainly from Syria, walk on the highway moving to the north on September 7, 2015 in DenmarkA European lawmaker for Denmark’s ruling right-wing party said Saturday he was leaving the party over its controversial asylum policies, which include plans for police to search asylum seekers’ luggage for valuables. “Denmark is currently experiencing a norm and value shift that I find deeply worrying,” Jens Rohde of the Venstre party wrote on the website of daily Politiken, where he announced he was joining the centrist Danish Social Liberal Party. The EU parliamentarian said he had based his decision on Venstre’s increasingly draconian policies to limit the number of asylum seekers, and growing EU scepticism within the party.

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