Deadly Puzzle: ISIS's American Supporters 'Defy Easy Analysis'

Deadly Puzzle: ISIS's American Supporters 'Defy Easy Analysis'The average age of those arrested and several killed in violent confrontations with law enforcement was 26 — but some who became radicalized and enamored by ISIS were in their teens and some were pushing retirement age, the study by the Program on Extremism found. The pool of Americans supporting ISIS is not only unprecedented in the number of terrorism arrests since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, but includes women, who account for 14 percent of the arrests in a startling new trend largely unseen in U.S. counter-terrorism. The ISIS “caliphate,” which tries to appear as a legitimate state, is “emboldening individuals and groups” to travel or support the group inside the U.S. homeland, said LAPD chief of counter-terrorism Michael Downing at a discussion of the report in Washington.

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