December 19th It Score

The “It Score” is a measurement of a politician’s digital influence. It is calculated by taking inputs from what people do and say in the real world, the internet, and in social media. The “It Score” is updated every other day and is meant to reflect real time feelings individuals have towards politicians. The “It Score” also happens to correlate closely with polls produced by prominent polling companies.  Below is a graph illustrating how closely correlated the “It Score” is with the polls. The political poll that it is graphed against is the most recent political poll published by Gallup Tracking and can be viewed on Real Clear Politics. This Gallup Tracking poll occurred between December 20th and December 26th. Details regarding this poll can be viewed here. The “It Score” was calculated and published December 19th (7 days prior to the publishing of the Gallup Tracking poll).

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