Defiant Zuma says no 'shortcut' to new S.Africa president

South African president and African National Congress (ANC)'s president Jacob Zuma sings and dances during the Party official launch of the Municipal Elections manifesto on April 16, 2016 in Port Elizabeth, South AfricaEmbattled South African President Jacob Zuma Wednesday appeared to rule out resigning before his second term ends in 2019, as protesters used the anniversary of the country’s first democratic polls to renew calls for him to quit. “If you’re elected at one point, and people no longer want you, humble yourself, accept it,” Zuma told thousands of supporters at a rally in northern Limpopo province to mark the 22nd anniversary of the election that brought anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela to power. Zuma has faced a chorus of calls to step down following a flurry of scandals, most notably over his use of millions of dollars in public money to furnish his private residence with a swimming pool, amphitheatre, chicken run and other amenities.

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