Democrats seek ways to limit Obamacare fallout after Florida defeat

By Steve Holland and Thomas Ferraro WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and his Democrats face the challenge of limiting fallout from Obamacare and drumming up voter enthusiasm in the November congressional elections, problem areas exposed by the loss of a Florida candidate who had led in the polls. The defeat of Democrat Alex Sink by Republican David Jolly in a special election last Tuesday has raised anxiety levels for Democrats as they struggle to hold on to control of the Senate in November and pick up seats in the Republican-held House of Representatives. The Florida race reflected turnout concerns, as Sink had been leading in the polls in the days ahead of the election. “We need to think about how to energize our base.” A focus simply on turnout, however, could distract party leaders from recognizing the dangers presented by the president’s healthcare law and, with his approval rating mired in the mid-40s, his relative unpopularity.

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