Deploying AU force without Burundi approval 'unimaginable'

UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon speaks at the 26th presidential summit of the African Union at the organisation's headquarters in Addis AbabaThe African Union will not deploy peacekeepers to troubled Burundi unless the government in Bujumbura agrees, the AU special representative for the region told French radio RFI on Sunday. Burundi has consistently opposed the idea of the AU’s proposed 5,000-strong peacekeeping mission, saying the deployment of troops without its express permission would be tantamount to an “invasion force”. The UN has warned Burundi risks a repeat of a 1993-2006 civil war, with hundreds killed since April 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would stand for a controversial third term in office, and at least 230,000 people fleeing to neighbouring countries.

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